guide to a perfect internship

Your Guide to A Perfect Internship

Completing an internship is an essential step towards building a successful career. Students start looking for internships right after completing their first semester of graduation. While internships are often unpaid and might not be credited in your degree, they help you stand out from the sea of graduates competing for various roles. 

Finding an internship that best suits your profile requires a lot of time and planning, however, the result is worth the effort. Moreover, you can complete your internship anywhere and it can prove to be a lifetime experience for your career. Read further to find out how you can bag a perfect internship. 

Before moving onto how to find a perfect internship, let us understand what a good internship really is? 

A good internship is:

1. One which teaches the basics of your study area, those are required to get a full-time job

2. One which provides an experience which is could be added on the resume 

3. One which assists in building good contact, further helping to bag jobs

How can you find the best internship? 

Be an early bird

Most of the organisations do not prefer hiring interns in bulk and so the seats are limited. It is advisable for candidates to apply as early as possible. Both summer and winter breaks are the perfect time to apply for internships as students are generally free during that time. Organisations also prefer hiring interns during breaks but, these opportunities come with early deadlines. 

Begin applying before the break begins so that you can complete the internship on time before the break is over. 

Identify your career interest

In order to get the best out of your internship, find one which is of your career interest but on a broader scale. You don’t have to be too specific because then you will limit the number of opportunities coming your way. 

So, before you begin looking for an internship, think about what you enjoy doing the most and which can also parlay into a bright future. 

Reach out directly to the organisations 

Stats say that most of the job and internship opportunities are not advertised. Such opportunities are either filled through internal references or personal contacts. Keeping this in mind, try talking to everyone you think can have some contact within the industries and organisations you are eyeing for. 

As an alternative, you can also directly visit the company’s website and drop in your application. Many companies have a “Jobs & Careers” section on their website. There are high chances of recruiters picking applications directly from their website. 

Seek guidance

It is always beneficial to seek help from your friends, family and college counsellors. They might pitch in some great suggestions or even reach out to their nearest acquaintances. You can also look at attending career fests for further assistance. Reaching out to your college alumni to help you get in touch with people in the industry is another good alternative.

Finding the right internship which best suits your career interest is not rocket science. You have got several weapons in your arsenal, all you need is a tailored approach!

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