ways to improve social skills

Ways to Improve Social Skills and be More Outgoing

“Since social media arrived social skills have declined. 

We all struggle with social interactions and what is/not appropriate when in public. When people mention that they wish to improve their social skills, what they actually mean is that they wish to get better at talking to people, making friends and public appearances. Through the course of this article, we will walk you through some of the key social skills to be able to socialise well. 

However, before we start, let us first understand why this is important? Social skill is an important element to be able to successfully interact with others. Why is it important is because it influences how an individual gets along with others. The ability to interact, communicate and understand people around us can dictate the level of self-confidence in an individual and their quality of life. 

Start improving your social skills by following these strategies 

1. Get off your phone

“You only live once, so make sure you don’t spend hours on the internet seeking validation from strangers ”

Today, we see people moving around with their eyes glued to those tiny screens. It has gradually become acceptable to use a cell phone when in public and this has negatively impacted the ability to socially interact with people. 

If you really wish to connect with people around, lift your face up from that phone and start talking. That actually sends a signal to people that you are interested to talk and more likely to absorb the environment. 

2. Look for social activities 

The goal is to find an activity which gives you the opportunity to talk to people. Join some community groups, bands, craft group, sports league or a random meetup group. Such groups organise regular activities for their members to get along. Moreover, it is easier to talk to people you share similar interests with. 

“Relating to people and being able to work with large groups naturally develops one’s social skills.”

3. An “open” body language

Body language says things that words never could!! For instance, the way a person is behaving tells a lot about how they are feeling. Understanding these cues is the key to enhancing social skills. 

To begin with, when trying to interact with people, use an open body language. This way you will let others know that you are interested in talking to them. Some of the open body language behaviours include smiling, turning towards people or even making eye contact while talking. 

4. Embrace the awkwardness 

Sometimes, awkwardness is just impossible to avoid. Especially when one is making some extra efforts to interact. If you believe that being awkward at a certain point may have caused you to fail socially, it is just a counterproductive belief. 

If one only focuses on avoiding awkwardness, they will tend to lose their interest in trying to socialise. So, better be natural. Even if you have a few awkward moments, try embracing it like a pro instead of overthinking it for the next few hours. 

5. Be a good listener

Attentive listening is more than just passively receiving information. You need to show others that you are taking interest in what they are talking about. This comes from your body language, affirmative statements and a healthy amount of silence. 

Ensure that you do not ask too many questions or look overly interested. This could make the other person feel that you are only pretending to be interested.

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