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Top Indian States attracting Foreign Students

India is emerging as a force in the global higher education system. Roughly, around 3 million foreign students studying at approx 40,000 Indian colleges have made this push possible. 

While there are other leading industry peers including China, Japan, Europe and America, India is hot on heels in creating a strong presence as an international study destination. At present, India’s global education participation rate is 18% compared to the major contributors China (26%) and Brazil (36%). However, the Government is making all possible efforts to quadruple the number by approx 30% till 2023. 

Which are the top Indian states that are a hub for foreign students?

Karnataka – Karnataka leads the pack with more than 12,000 foreign students and the number is continuously growing. The driving force is the state being the most sought after destination. Students from Africa, Malaysia and Gulf countries flock to the state for Medicine and Engineering studies.

Top universities: Manipal University, Bangalore University and Visvesvaraya Technological University. 

Top courses: Medical, Nursing, Engineering and Pharmacy

Punjab – Over 3000 foreign students enrollments make Punjab one among the top Indian states with foreign students. Lovely Professional University has the majority of these international students from 50+ countries.

Top universities: Lovely Professional University, Punjab Engineering College and Thapar University

Top courses: Engineering, Sciences, Humanities, Medicine and Computer Application

Tamil Nadu – In the past few years, Tamil Nadu has attracted over 5000 foreign students. The driving force here are the Medicine programs. 

Top universities: Annamalai University, VIT University and Alagappa University

Top courses: Medical, Dentistry, Engineering and Sciences

Maharashtra – With over 4000 international students in the state, it is ranked third on the list with Pune being the major contributor. 

Top universities: Pune University, Mumbai University and Symbiosis International University

Top courses: Business Administration, Pharmacy, Arts and Commerce 

Delhi – With 4000+ international students, the national capital continues to be the centre of attraction. Delhi University being the major contributor has international students from 70+ countries. 

Top universities: Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University

Top courses: Economics, English, History, Education and Sciences 

Stat attack!!!

Count of foreign students in India in 2018-19 has been around 47,000, mainly from Nepal and Afghanistan. The Himalayan Kingdom alone contributes 26.88% to the international student population, followed by Afghanistan (9.8%), Bangladesh (4.38%), Sudan (4.02%), Bhutan (3.82%), Nigeria (3.4%), Iran (2.38%), Yemen (3.2%), The United States (3.2%) and Sri Lanka (2.64%). Admissions from South Asia, Africa and the Middle East are expected to grow in the coming years. 

Almost three-quarters of these students prefer undergraduate courses, with 16% enrolled in postgraduate courses and 10% at other levels such as professional and vocational studies.

With the current push to expand and improve India’s domestic education system, it’s possible that  India will soon join the league of Asian education hubs by presenting new study abroad options for foreign students. Adding to the glory is the recent announcement of special scholarships for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), thereby expecting a rise in the number of students coming from Thailand, Vietnam and other South-East Asian. 

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