This is Why Universities have Fests

Every year, each and every university turns abuzz with excitement and anticipation, as the ‘Fest season’ approaches and teachers and students alike prepare for the upcoming festivities. While there is no doubt that fests are full of fun and fervour and that every student waits eagerly for them, have you ever stopped to consider why fests are held in the first place?

Educational benefits

Depending on whether your fest is a technical fest or not, students get a number of opportunities in terms of education.

Social Interaction

At fests, you need to socialize with people from different departments in your university, and with people from other colleges, including sponsors, vendors, and so many other people. This is a great way to improve your social interaction.


Organizing a fest takes work and it takes a lot of different types of people coming together to pull off a major feat. A fest requires great teamwork, which is a great practice for later as well.


Finding and researching about different sponsors, identifying the right kind of vendors for the stalls, arranging the entertainment options, and then managing all of those; a fest gives a great chance to students to network with many people. This is apart from the visitors that will also be visiting the fest.

A break

Better Prospects

Employers always prefer looking for candidates who have participated in a number of extra-curricular activities; such an experience speaks a lot for their soft skills.

If you’ve thought that college fests are conducted just for the sake of it, these reasons will certainly give you a better perspective.

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