The world beyond academics at LPU

Starting college as freshmen can make the entire world seem like an oyster. Between meeting new people, taking classes to getting involved in extracurricular activities, it is the perfect time to seize such opportunities.

Community clubs and organisations at LPU set the stage for students to get a lifetime of learning. The campus is extremely vibrant and hums with cultural, co-curricular and sports activities all around the year. This helps in bringing out the best in every student and shape well-rounded personalities. All these opportunities help propel LPU’s talent at national and international levels. 

LPU has more than 200 student-driven cultural societies and clubs, further enabling students to win accolades. Be it sports, arts, music, academics or anything, there is a club out there catering to your interest. With tens of them, you will never be alone on campus! 

A Society for all interest areas

Dance Society – Students here learn to express a story through dance. They are trained by industry experts in various dance forms ranging from classical, western to regional. 

Music Society – The society aims to keep the campus alive every evening through live music and concerts. Members can learn Folk-Lore, Indian Instruments, Western Instruments and much more. 

Literary Society  – Students interested in writing poetry and prose can be a part of the Literary society at LPU. The society also organises various workshops, aiming to groom budding authors. 

Fine arts Society – Members of this society can get to learn conceptual sculpturing, sketching and painting. Their work finds its way on university walls, adding up to the campus’s aesthetic beauty. 

Theatre Society – Become a part of the theatre society at LPU and showcase your acting talent through plays, mime, mimicry and skits. Members of the club also get a chance to represent the university at state and national levels respectively. 

Sports society – There are more than 20 sports clubs at LPU for each sport including Football, Baseball, Athletics, Kabaddi, Netball, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Tennis and more. LPU provides the best infrastructure for all these sports, allowing students to hone their talent. 

With numerous officially recognised societies, there is something for everyone at LPU. It’s time to take the lunge and shine brighter!!!

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