multicultural campus of Punjab

The most multicultural campus of India is in Punjab

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is not just an education hub but a junction of lifestyle for students coming from across the globe. At present, LPU houses 30,000+ students from every nook and corner of the world. This diversity facilitates the exchange of ideas among students coming from different backgrounds and perspectives, which leads to a powerful environment for leadership and learning development. 

LPU’s multicultural diversity is simply unbeatable and nothing less than a “Mini World” in Punjab! Each of its students is blessed to get exposure to a variety of cultures and traditions inside the university’s campus. 

Reading further, you will get everything about the campus, its facilities, amenities, activities, and everything else that makes it the most multicultural campus in India. 

A well-facilitated campus

This campus provides features like residential accommodation, multi-cuisine food stalls, banking and postal services, a university hospital, a shopping mall, campus security, transportation services, departmental stores, cafes and what not to make you feel any less than home. 

Events that celebrate world culture

It is often said that you should celebrate ‘unity in diversity’. There’s one campus in Punjab that’s doing just that. Interestingly, students from the Maldives, Venezuela, China, Bhutan, and many other countries come to study here every year!!

The Department of Cultural Affairs of LPU celebrates this multicultural student population through events and fests. The aim is to provide its students with a mix of flavours from different cultures, customs, languages, food, costumes, etc. 

“One World” is one such cultural fest organised by its Department of Cultural Affairs. It provides a platform for the international students of LPU to represent their own country and put their extracurricular skills on display. 

Another much-celebrated event is, “One India” which is also known as the Indian Diversity Festival. It gives a platform for Indian students from 28 states to showcase the variety of their culture through dance performances, live music, plays, food and so on. 

Such events are organized to make the students understand the importance of unity by all means. Thousands of students put in their hard work to bring out the great aspects of their individual state or country. 

The campus is tailored for international students 

The university assumes responsibility towards its international students, which includes providing specialist support. Plus, international students feel at ease with the presence of international departmental stores and multi-cuisine food outlets.

Students live with a sense of brotherhood and peace in here because the campus life makes it so easy for them to get along with people from different backgrounds. Moreover, The college goes an extra mile in helping everyone mingle, thus transforming the way we perceive education.

It is illustrative to say that LPU imparts education to thousands of students coming from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. With such events and fests, students get a feeling of visiting every part of the world. This eventually gives them an elaborated insight into how different traditions and customs are followed in various parts of the world. 

The university has been ranked among the top universities in India by MHRD-NIRF, Outlook and UniRank for entailing an incomparable multicultural campus. In addition to a diverse environment, the university has proved its worth of providing quality education, world-class, infrastructure, top placements, industry interface and international relations. Thereby, making it a perfect choice for student!!

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