culture shock

Surviving culture shock like a champ

In our everyday lives, we come across people from different cultural & geographical backgrounds, or with a different mindset. Experiencing different cultures and meeting new people is what shapes you into an interesting person. 

“The minute you land in a new place, you are busy absorbing the newness around you”

Leaving home and arriving in an entirely different country or region to study comes with all new sets of experiences. From being unfamiliar, to trying to figure out how to use public transport, missing someone to talk to can altogether make you feel overwhelmed. 

“The process of recognising, understanding and adapting these changes is Culture Shock”

With so much newness, you might be forced to rethink your decision. However, there is no need to get daunted by all challenges that lie ahead. Even the most confident people feel homesick and experience the infamous culture shock. Continue reading to know how to ace being among new people like a pro?

1. Research your host country/state

It is always better and also advisable to research the new place you are planning to visit. Go through online forums, blogs or talk to people who have been there at least once. 

Absorb as much information as you can so that you don’t land in a new place empty-handed. This way, you will at least know something about the place and its people, making it easier to adapt to things in a real-time scenario.

2. Look for what attracts you the most

Note down all the things you like about the place and its people. Be it food, habits, culture, places or anything. This will serve as a healthy distraction when you are done with your “trying to gel up” sessions. 

Though, it is okay to take a break from your host country and do something which reminds you of home. But, ensure that it is for a while and you don’t end up being locked inside your room for long. 

3. Make local friends 

The easiest way to learn about a new culture is to be friends with the locals. They are experts in their culture and will be able to guide you better. As friends, there are also possibilities that they will entertain your crazy little questions. 

4. Try to look at things from their perspective 

At times, you will come across things which might not sound convincing to you but, is a crucial part of the host culture. In such cases, it is always better to keep your own worldview aside and understand what locals have to say about it. Don’t be judgemental but an anthropologist!!

5. Try to learn local language

Language is the best way to communicate freely! Begin by taking baby steps and trying to learn the basics, gradually moving towards the intermediate level. Not just to communicate, learning the local language can prove beneficial in making more friends and feeling more included. 

So, are you ready to succeed as a student in an unusual place with unfamiliar faces? Don’t let culture shock stop you from exploring. Rather, take this as an opportunity to become more independent.

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