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Smart ways to beat exam stress

Stress is likely to be a part of every test taker’s experience. It is natural for students to get stressed and nervous before the exam. However, while some students are able to smartly deal with exam stress, others end up underperforming. 

So if you are among those test-takers who juggle through stress and anxiety before appearing for an exam, here are some smart ways to tackle this situation. These tips will suggest some quick ways to settle down when it gets close to test -time. 

Work on memory skills 

If it is getting difficult to retain all facts in your mind, try different alternatives like flashcards, notes or even associating a word with it. This way you can create your own retrieval system and easily memorise all the facts and important points related to the subject. 

Think positive, Be positive

Take the help of auto-suggestive exercises to get rid of unnecessary stress. You can utilise such exercises to enhance the feeling of self-esteem and boost confidence. Such exercises prove powerful and effective, calming your nerves during the exam period.

Keep perspective

If you are overly stressed before exams, there are high chances for you to lose perspective. Life is more than scholastic success!!

Success depends on the amount of knowledge gained and not on your scores. A single test can never make or break your future. 

Learn test-taking tricks 

Yes, you read it right, “test-taking tricks”. There are certain tips and tricks which can be learnt for a better approach towards solving questions. 

A majority of students make mistakes while answering MCQs as they are unsure about the correct choice and end up taking the try and test method. However, the right approach is to try and understand the question first and then see which option best fits your answer. 

Set achievable goals 

Sometimes, students tend to set unachievable or unrealistic targets, ending up getting disheartened on underperforming. 

We suggest breaking down big goals into simple and small targets which will pump you up to move towards the next target with enthusiasm. This practice will not only boost your zeal but also keep you in the race. 

Get your doubts clear

Do not leave any loose ends to be met at the last moment. It is always better to clear all the doubts at the time of your preparation. You can either seek assistance on this from your class teacher or your trainer at the coaching institute. 

Understand where to invest efforts

With a clear segregation between your weak and strong points, you would know where to put in maximum efforts.  

It is advisable to begin from the weaker section, gradually moving your way towards the strong ones. This way you will devote maximum time to season yourself in the weaker sections, hence getting a better hold of them.  

The pomodoro technique 

Initially introduced in the 18th century to maximize output at work, the technique has gradually been adopted by students for their exam preparation.

The technique works by giving small breaks to students after every 25 minutes of studying. Hence, helping them to relax and motivating them at the same time to keep going.

You can utilise these breaks to get some fresh air, loosen-up and exercise. Try not to sleep as sleeping will break the entire flow. 

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