utilise winter break

Smart moves during winter breaks

As we hit the shuteye season, all we want to do is get inside the cosy duvet and sleep through the day. The best part about winters for students is the winter break. 

However, in addition to enjoying those warm and comfortable sleep sessions, there are other productive activities which can be undertaken to best utilise winter breaks. Here’s a handy list of important things you can do to make your break a productive one. Do not hibernate this winter season!!

Hunt for an internship this fall season 

Internships help you gain first-hand experience of working in the real world. With this, students get the opportunity to harness the skills and knowledge they learn in the classroom. 

Plan your spring semester calendar 

Winter break means the end of the ongoing semester. It is an ideal time to start planning for the new semester. Chalk out a plan of action and get working on the core requirements. 

While the new semester is yet to begin, why not take a jump on reading a few subjects beforehand? Pick one of the subjects which you feel will require intensive reading and go through it before you step foot in class after winter break. 

Learn a new skill this fall season

It is an ideal time to learn a new skill! For example: some short term online or offline course. There are a plethora of online crash courses available for students. Look for something that will help beef up your resume. 

Create a Linkedin Profile over coffee

Linkedin is the ground zero for most of the employers. They tend to evaluate a candidate’s LinkedIn profile and see if it is the best match for their organisation. If you have noticed, some of the job listings require a candidate to have a profile on Linkedin to be taken to the next step. 

Look for study abroad options 

A number of students look for study abroad options after completing graduation. Well, why not utilise the winter break in brainstorming some ideas for your study abroad plans. You can also check if your college offers any study abroad opportunities. Chalk out a plan, consult with your parents and start applying.

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