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Pro Tips to Manage Stress During Boards

Managing stress is the key to doing well in an exam!!

Exam stress is a common phenomenon. Almost every student today feels pressured during this period majorly due to the ever-increasing competition.

With boards around the corner, it is understandable how mentally taxing it can be to get through these last few days before the exams begin. However, no matter how daunting it might seem, if a student is seasoned in stress management, s/he can easily ace the exam and yield better results. 

Here are some valuable tips for students taking Board exams this year!!

1. Get enough sleep

Having a sound sleep ensures excellent memory retention. Students need to align their internal clock with that of the sun to ensure that they sleep at least nine hours a day. As a protip, avoid sleeping at dawn and waking up after mid-afternoon. Sleeping during these hours makes the body lethargic. 

2. Stay away from artificial energy boosters 

Artificial energy boosters claiming to boost energy instantly are nothing but a sham. They might make you stay awake for some extra hours, but takes away the body’s natural desire to sleep, further adding to stress and anxiety. 

3. Take enough breaks 

Studying non-stop for hours does more harm to your body and mind. This way you tend to overwork your mind, leading to further stress. It is always recommended to give your mind and body the adequate rest. Taking short breaks between studies will allow your mind to take a break. You can spend that time exercising, eating or indulging in anything you like. 

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet for the body to stay energetic. High intake of carbs and fats can result in lower concentration levels as the body is busy digesting the fats you ate. Including fruits, vegetables and whole grain supplements in your diet will help you stay energetic throughout the day and keep you away from stress & anxiety. 

5. Meditate to stay calm

Meditation is the best way to soothe your senses, thereby, helping you stay away from stress. Practising medication for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day will increase your concentration levels by helping in developing razor-sharp focus. 

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