popular disciplines to study in 2020

Popular disciplines to climb the career ladder in 2020

Are you juggling through various course options while trying to make the best choice for a successful career? Well, you are not alone! Many students go through the same dilemma and the feeling is all mutual. 

While there are numerous educational institutes in India that offer top-notch courses, what is important is to make the right choice basis your skills, interests, and qualification. Finding the best choice is crucial but once done right, you will be inspired to succeed!!

So, how do you make the right choice and what are the best options to consider? To help you make a better choice for your career, here is a lowdown of some of the best disciplines that are currently booming and require skilled professionals.

1. Engineering – Become a master of technology

Engineering is one of the most popular degree programs in India and graduates in this field of study are known to make the world a little more efficient, smarter and quicker. Aspirants planning to become future Engineers can take popular entrance exams like LPUNEST, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, BITSAT in addition to JEE for engineering admissions in India. 

Some popular branches that can be the future of engineering studies in mere future include Agriculture Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Aerospace engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Internet of Things. 

2. Computer science – Learn to speak machine 

It won’t be surprising to say that companies across the globe are looking for computer geniuses to be a part of their organization. As a result of which, degree programs in Computer Science have become the most sought after course option for students. 

Course options in Computer Science include B.Tech, B.Sc, BCA and various other certificate and diploma programmes. Admission into these programmes is either offered through JEE or other university/institute entrance tests. 

3. Design – From sketches to appealing images

Design degree programs in India include modern-day subjects like Animation, Graphics, Industrial & Communication designs and so on. If all this lures you then, Design is surely your thing. 

Aspirants can take popular design exams like UCEED and NID Entrance Test, to get into IITs or NIDs in India. In addition to these, Institutes like Lovely Professional University (LPU) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) have been regarded the best to pursue Design courses in the country. Admission to these happens through LPU NEST and  NIFT Entrance Test respectively. 

4. Fashion degrees – Expert comments on what’s hot!

If the word fashion always makes your head turn, why not opt for a career in fashion. Courses in fashion are best suited for students who are looking to learn about accessories and clothing. 

You can take NID or NIFT entrance test for admission to the premier fashion design institutes in India. Undergraduate courses offered in fashion studies include B.Des, B.Sc and BFA.

5. Law – Uphold justice for all

Law is an attractive profession with a wide scope but, requires a good amount of dedication and hard work. A career in Law in Law not only limited to courts but various corporate houses, law firms and administrative & judicial firms.

To kick start a lucrative career with a degree in Law, you can either pursue it after graduation or enrol into an integrated program after 12th. In addition to CLAT, aspirants can take other popular Law exams including LPUNEST, SET and BVP SET for admission to premier Law institutes. 

6. Social science – Piece together history and culture

Social science is considered to be the most versatile subject in terms of skills, knowledge and career opportunities. Top disciplines lying under Social Science include Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and Economics open enormous career opportunities. You can either pursue a BA or BSW degree in Social Science or Social Work to climb the career ladder. 

Wondering where a degree in Social Science will take you? Opportunities are everywhere for candidates with the right skill set! 

7. Hospitality – A call for shots

A boutique hotel in a big city or a restaurant on an exotic beach? Hospitality management courses can take you to places. The sheer diversity of the Hospitality industry offers immense opportunities to learn and grow. 

If you are planning to pursue a course in Hospitality Management, LPU NEST, NCHM JEE, MAHACET, and UPSEE are some of the popular exams you can take for a bright future.

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