creativity inside the classroom

Perks of creativity inside the classroom

The right mix of creativity with curriculum encourages students to learn new things. It provides students with a platform to try new ideas, ways of thinking and solving problems. 

In addition to the above, creativity is said to encourage self-expression and helps celebrate one’s uniqueness. One of the major goals of educators should be to encourage creativity among students for their career and future prospects. 

The article highlights some of the key benefits of introducing creativity inside the classroom. These benefits explain how creative teaching can prove to be an effective tool. 

1. Creativity is multidisciplinary 

Benefits of creativity are applicable to almost every discipline and can be practised through various mediums. We can learn about these mediums through traditional teaching at educational institutes. 

2. Creativity allows you to express yourself 

Creativity opens opportunities for self-discovery and allows one to share their hidden side. It is the easiest possible way to express and prove yourself through hard work.

3. Creativity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills 

From technical details of drawing and writing to challenges faced while creating them, the essence of critical thinking and problem-solving is part of the entire process. Educators should adopt different techniques to encourage students to become more creative and develop these skills.  

4. Creativity helps reduce stress 

Being creative is a basis of human life. It might sound too good to be true but indulging in creativity can actually improve the way your brain functions during stress and anxiety.

5. Creativity improves concentration 

Drawing, cursive writing, or listening to your favourite number can give your mood a boost. It helps to actively shield your inner temple of concentration from the bothering environment noises.  

6. Creativity is a prerequisite of innovation 

Often used to describe the same thing, creativity and innovation have a unique connotation. Creativity can give life to something new. While innovation is a transformation of creative ideas, creativity is it’s prerequisite. Hence, creative ideas and its unique implementation are very essential.

7. Creativity encourages life-long learners

Creativity requires the humility to understand that no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Creativity or creative thinking is the centrepiece to what makes life worth living. 

8. Creativity gives you a sense of purpose  

It is believed that each day spent doing something creative makes you feel happier. You can use this to explore your interests and what sparks life in you. Achieving this will fill you with the ultimate joy of fulfilment, giving you a purpose in life.   

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