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Offbeat engineering specialisations for your big dreams

India is home to the largest number of Engineers in the world. Going by stats, more than 10 lakh students take JEE and other entrance exams every year to pursue technical degree programs. Only 40% of those who finally graduate as engineers are able to bag desired jobs. What happens to the remainder? What causes this massive gap? 

Two of the major reasons could be high competition and aspirants running after conventional Engineering specialisations like Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and many others. It is typically believed that obtaining a degree in these specialisations offer lucrative career options over offbeat or less popular specialisations. 

However, going by current market trends and their future prospects, offbeat Engineering specialisations are soon going to become the need of the hour. So, breaking the myth about the phony, we bring you a list of top five offbeat Engineering specialisations that students can look forward to after clearing JEE Main/ Advanced. 

Ethical Hacking – An ode to white hats

With the emergence of new threats to internet security, we also have the heroes of this field who safeguard some of the biggest banks and leading organisations worldwide from data theft and security vulnerabilities. 

The shining stars in Ethical Hacking in India explain the importance of internet security and how a mere security intrusion could pose a potential threat to any organisation. This has led to an increased demand for ethical hackers, thereby, premier institutes like IIITs, NITs and JNTUs have started offering credible programmes in the same. 

Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering – The theory of ship designing

Ships and sea-going vessels together with shipbuilding and marine navigation have seen huge progress in recent years. This has resulted in the establishment of dedicated fields of study in this domain. 

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering together form an essential part of this shipping sector. To build a career in this area, one needs to have a bachelors or masters degree in the same. Very few educational institutes in India including International Maritime Academy, Cochin University of Science & Technology and Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, Goa offer a degree program in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. 

Agriculture Engineering  & Food Technology – From seed to science

In a country like India where Agriculture is the root of livelihood, 70% of the population is dependent on it. However, this major source of livelihood is getting hampered due to global warming and other environmental factors. 

With the rising need to protect the environment and combat climate change, the demand for Agriculture and Food Engineers continues to grow.  

Owing to this increase, educational institutes are ought to offer courses that season students to become professionals of this field. Popular institutes like IIT Kharagpur, Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Lovely Professional University and various other state Agriculture universities offer a degree programme in the same. 

Sound Engineering: The art and science of sound

The demand for Sound Engineers and Audio Technicians has remarkably risen with the surge of technological advancements in the media and communication industry. While the scope of Sound Engineers and Audio Technicians is limited, it has huge potential for growth in the entertainment industry. 

The job role is highly technical and demands skilled technicians. Institutes like IIT Kharagpur, FTII Pune, National Institute of Film & Fine Arts and a few more offer a degree program in the same. 

Energy Engineering: Innovation to energy efficiency

As innovation continues to show the presence of viable and sustainable energy resources, the demand for Energy Engineers is going to rise. With the increase in demand, it will be crucial for educational institutes to create more skilled professionals. 

Trying to meet the growing industry requirements, popular institutes like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Jodhpur, NIT Calicut, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies and many more offer degree programmes in Energy Engineering. 

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