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LPU’s tryst with technology and innovation

Lovely Professional University delivers curriculum using an innovative approach that includes live projects and Experiential learning. Be it through industry links, international collaborations or smart classrooms, LPU is shaping tomorrow’s students. 

The university boasts of state of the art smart labs and centres of excellence, further ensuring that students are industry-ready. From Google to Microsoft, SAP to Mac, the university has dedicated advanced labs. High-tech chemical, thermodynamics, aviation, biotech, software, animation and other laboratories add up to the ultra-modern campus of LPU. 

With an updated course curriculum in sync with industry trends, the university focuses on making students learn through live projects. In terms of number, more than 1400 live projects have been made by LPU students in a single session. From flying farmers to eco-friendly bikes and human-powered vehicles, students learn and grasp technology nuances at these labs.

There are numerous examples to put forward LPU’s application-based and practical teaching methodology, encouraging students to take up internships and apprenticeships before they become professionals. Let us look deeper into some of these great developments!

LPU Solar-Powered bus @ The Auto Expo 

One of the recent examples of LPU’s live project training is a unique driverless solar-powered bus designed by more than 300 Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering students. 

Students presented this revolutionary auto design alongside automobile giants like BMW, Mercedes and Maruti at the Auto-Expo.

Students run Uni-Hotel 

Final year Hotel Management students of LPU solely run and operate a Uni-Hotel on campus. It is a full-fledged hotel with a professional kitchen, restaurant, 25 rooms and all other amenities. The hotel usually hosts university guests and parents. 

Student-run live business @ Uni-Mall 

The Business and Management students of LPU have access to a fully functional multi-storey mall inside the campus. Hundreds of students run their small businesses including cafes, clothing outlets, restaurants and much more inside the 10 storey mall. 

Aerodynamic Human Powered Vehicle 

Conceptualised and designed by LPU students, the vehicle works on human electric hybrid power. The objective is to achieve maximum speed, provide utmost comfort & safety with maximum stability at an affordable price, utilising human power. 

Refurbishing Urbanscape 

As a part of this project, LPU’s Architecture students did spatial planning to revive the streetscape of Phagwara city. The model was designed keeping in mind the rules set by the Street Vendor act, 2014. 

The Quadcopter 

The quadcopter is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, wifi and Arduino board for processing. This technology makes it fully autonomous for various applications like surveillance and more. 

Another endeavour of LPU’s unique curriculum is the professional enhancement module taught at the Centre of Professional Enhancement School. The aim is to impart new skill sets to students that are relevant to the current industry trends. Students here are trained to build communication skills and season their logical thinking. Professional development opportunities at the centre range from single workshops to a semester-long academic course. 

LPU believes in professional enhancement inputs that supplement the academic curriculum, helping students to learn in a real-time professional environment. Such inputs enhance their practical knowledge and help them acquire a level of competency necessary to operate as an autonomous individual.

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