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LPU Startup School; Making Ideas Happen

LPU’s Startup School is an initiative to nurture student ideas and help them bloom into impactful endeavours. The idea behind this initiative is to bring together young brains of LPU who are trying to work on business plans and train them towards the next step of development. 

“We are here to support the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future and also to drive-in the real sense of ‘entrepreneurship’ in their minds.”

The startup school aims to become one of the leading startup incubators in India by maximizing the success rate of young venturers at LPU. To get the maximum output, the school offers state of the art technology, innovation and experiential business wisdom. The startup school has fully furnished rooms, classrooms, 500 seater auditorium and two seminar halls with a capacity of 100 seats each. 

Lovely Professional University has also hosted Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive, Mega Startup Fest and two seasons of Google Startup weekends in the past. Furthermore, the university organises guest lectures by eminent entrepreneurs such as Paresh Gupta, Dilnawaz Khan, Amit Munjal, Deepanshu Khandelwal and other similar personalities for students ensuring better exposure. 

The right approach 

Driven by a holistic approach, the Startup School follows a four-step process to support LPU’s budding entrepreneurs. 

Learn: It has programs to motivate students and make them aware of the scope and opportunities in and around their interest area. 

Train: The programs here groom students and assist them in shaping their ideas in commercially viable projects, finally creating a robust business plan. 

Compete: Provides a platform for students to compete against the best ideas and win awards & recognition. 

Incubate: It fosters a community of entrepreneurs on campus by providing them with co-working spaces and mentoring & networking opportunities. Thereby, accelerating the growth of high-potential startups. 

Award-winning startup ideas by LPU students

1. LPU students’ team Digantara’s innovative idea on tracking and analysing space debris in Low Earth Orbits (LEOs) is a satellite project through which they are all set to enter ‘Space’, with a mission to secure long-term spaceflight safety. It will work by developing space debris tracking and monitoring services.

Through this project, LPU’s team aims to become India’s first & leading commercial, small satellite company with an innovative approach to space engineering. They have also applied for a patent on this idea and look forward to revolutionizing the space industry for debris management.

2. LPU’s Team ‘Dhaiya Agricultural Tools’ has also applied for a patent for their ‘Paddy planting Machine’ which will certainly fulfil the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) parameters in ‘Rice cultivation’.  This machine aims to provide better growing conditions for rice plants, particularly in the root zone, than those grown under traditional practices.  

With this, they aspire to overcome the shortage of water in irrigated rice fields by sending fertilizers into the roots and controlling methane gas produced during rice growth. This project foresees a 40% increase in rice production and 30-35% spurt in water-saving.

3. ‘Green on Green’ is a project established by LPU students. It is an electric vehicle transportation network for carrying small farmers’ produce like vegetables to market places. The driving force behind this project is that 90% of Indian farmers are small farmers, who cannot afford overpriced vehicles. 

Through this 80% of their transportation expenses and allied works could be certainly reduced. It is to be noted that for a small farmer, 70% of the input cost of farm products is transportation cost.

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