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Incredible apps for college students

We live in an era where knowledge of the ages lies in our pockets. Smartphones truly help us manage our lives. With smartphones, the advent of mobile applications has left no corner untouched and student life is no exception. 

Students can rely on such apps that are specially designed to help them study better and enhance convenience as they go about living the college life. 

Google Play Store and Apple Store are flooded with thousands of such apps. Let us take a glimpse at some of these popular mobile applications that can assist with the responsibilities and routines of a college student, trying to simplify their life. 

Pocket: Read it Later 

Whenever you find something that you wish to view later, put it in your pocket! An application which lets you save articles, videos, stories from anywhere on the internet. Pocket lets you curate your own library of things you can’t wait to fuel your mind with. So, start saving to Pocket!!!

StudyBlue: Share Flashcards & Quizzes 

Join the community of 15 million students like you on StudyBlue to study better together. The application is specifically designed for high school & college students. 

It is the largest crowdsourced study library with over 400 million shareable study guides, notes and flashcards.

Forest: Stay Focused 

An application which is meant to keep you away from mindlessly scrolling. So if anyone is looking for ways to curtail extensive phone usage, Forest app might be your best choice. 

Users grow a virtual forest on the app and then earn virtual coins to purchase actual trees. Whenever you want to focus on something, start by planting a seed. In the meantime, it will grow while you are concentrating on your work. The tree dies if you leave the app in between. 

G-Suite: For Students & Educators

Yet another worthy addition to your digital arsenal, G-Suite (Google Productivity Suite) has been especially customised for students and teachers. 

For starters, all of its products including Google sheets, docs, slides and more are free of cost and seamlessly synced with each other.  

Realbyte: Manage Expenses 

Money is the most critical resource that students generally struggle with. Realbyte makes it easy for students to cut down and keep track of all your spending. 

The application comes with tons of features and lets you add expenses, attach receipts in whichever way you want.  

Easybib: Free Bibliography Generator 

Makes it easy for students to cite references and create a bibliography for case studies, thesis and essays. Not much to our surprise, the application is among the world’s most popular for bibliography and citation. 

Understanding the burning need of the hour, Lovely Professional University (LPU), has taken an initiative to simplify the life of its students by launching their mobile app “LPU Touch: An eco-friendly initiative”

LPU, India’s largest and best ICT awarded university is just a touch away on your smartphone with this app. LPU Touch is your one-stop solution for attendance, academics, exam calendar placements and college fees. 

You can book appointments at Unihospital inside the university and even look for your favourite book in the central library at the convenience of an App.

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