Here’s why holistic education is becoming so popular!

“Which is the best approach to education?” This question has been at the center of so many debates that it has compelled many of us to rethink our current educational system. One of the most popular and exciting alternatives to the current education system is the holistic approach. In the past decade, there has been an expansion in the knowledge on childhood development, and with that the teaching methodologies have advanced as well.

So, what is it about holistic education that you should know? The short guide that follows should help.

Holistic Education 101

What is Holistic Education?

Holistic education is concerned with the development of a student’s social, emotional, physical, creative and spiritual potential over their academic and intellectual abilities.

What does Holistic Education aim at?

It aims to develop well-rounded individuals who aren’t just academically competent but are equally capable of forming strong relationships and possess values such as compassion and peace that they will carry throughout their lives. The value inculcation is a crucial and key process.

How is Holistic Education Different?

Holistic learning honours life experience, both achievements and road blocks, with a focus on what went well and what didn’t go as planned. Holistic learning focuses on personal development and celebrates the freedom to “think outside the box” as opposed to the traditional and conventional exam-based assessments.

Why Holistic Education?

Now more than ever, parents are seeking alternatives to mainstream education. Few even criticize the commitment to academic excellence that most institutions have and work hard to achieve. That said, more and more parents are now realizing that learning academics isn’t enough anymore.

Taking a holistic view

Holistic education produces well-rounded students who have a connection with the outside world as it’s crucial to their growth as well as their mental and emotional development.

Academics, cultural activities and sports go hand in hand

Here’s how Holistic Education coalesces the three:

  • It enables them to think critically and creatively when facing any situation.
  • It instils curiosity in the mind of the children and allows them to learn naturally and creatively.
  • It caters to the student’s style of study as compared to that of the current mass educational system.

Why is there a need for Holistic Education?

Holistic Education provides a framework for any school to balance a connection across the curriculum. It is time to really go about the venture of cultivating inspired, empowered students with a hunger for continual exploration and discovery, a sense of collective responsibility, and an excitement about life. This will enable a brighter future for the children and in turn, the world.

Change is difficult but it’s equally necessary. Once you articulate what Holistic Education brings to the table, it won’t be difficult to see why it should become the natural choice for fostering children at the college as well as the school level.


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