Great education backed by handsome salary

Handsome packages and placement opportunities will forever be demanded by students. There was a time when not only undergraduates or masters students but top PhD scholars were unable to find good vacancies. Yet still, amidst growing competition, numerous talented and well-educated candidates are unable to bag good jobs due to lack of opportunities. 

In the recent past, Lovely Professional University has been all over the news internet for providing quality education and best placement opportunities to its students.

Tanya Arora, a final year student of Lovely Professional University pursuing Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), is placed at a package of INR 42 lakh in the world’s leading tech giant Microsoft. This placement has been recorded as one of the highest packages bagged by a fresher in North India. During an interview, Tanya primarily thanked the faculty for their support and marvellous facilities provided by the university. And no doubt this is true as LPU has various laboratories, each focusing on minor to major fields of Computer Science and other departments. 

Earlier this year, three LPU students, Manish Tolani, Karampuri Vivek, and Ashish Kaktan pursuing CSE received a handsome pre-placement offer of INR 28 lakh each in Amazon. Among them, 28 more students from the same branch bagged summer internship opportunities with Amazon. Amazon had selected those three and  28 other students based on their skills in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. 

LPU has a unique teaching system that separates it from other institutions, such as minor selection right after 2nd year. Most of the engineering colleges including top government institutions have been following the same pattern of the syllabus for decades but at LPU, students can decide what they want to learn and which specialization they want to master. There are 8+ latest market demanding minors, including Android, Machine Learning, CyberSecurity, which are updated from time to time by observing the current market and technology trends

LPU is also renowned for organizing international and national level competitions where it encourages students and scholars to participate and explore multiple avenues. Various clubs along with faculties help students to prepare for such top tech giant competitions. This helps LPU students  grab internships and placements easily

Along with brilliant infrastructure, practical teaching environment and laboratories, the strong alumni background of the university attracts more companies. Most of the LPU alumni have been working in Silicon Valley; some of them have even established their own tech companies. 

Utkarsh has been placed as a Wireless Engineer in Google California, whereas Neha after working in Samsung and Yahoo, is currently working at Facebook HQs in Palo Alto. Another alumni, Rahul Tyagi, has established the country’s top cyber company Lucideus with clients from all over the world including Indian Government organizations. Various international companies like Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Google, Hewlett Packard, Udacity, Samsung, Virtusa, Bosch, Hitachi, Cognizant and more visit the LPU campus every year and hire its students. Many companies like Hyatt & others, also visit LPU for international placements.

LPU follows a clear vision – Creating world-class professionals and leaders for the next generation. One can find motivation, energy, dedication, entrepreneurship in the air of LPU. Over the years, this university has evolved and drastically changed many lives. LPU is leaving no stone unturned in helping students live their dreams and thereby transforming India.

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