future technology trends 2020

Future technology trends for 2020

Technology and its applications have grown in an unprecedented manner in the last few decades. However, the technology trends during this period have been somewhat repetitive with cloud computing, IoT and AI changing chairs over time.

2020, however, is set to witness a revamp from core technology to fresh new age digital trends. While the core technologies would continue to be in the league, fresh additions like 5G, Blockchain, Advanced AI and RPA will take centre-stage this year. 

Let us take a dig into the top future technology trends of 2020 which are said to drive the post-digital wave. 

5G and beyond in 2020

5th generation wireless technology is going to be the highlight of 2020. 5G is believed to be the evolution of an actual wireless data protocol that’s well known for its ability to aggregate multiple frequencies. 

The best part would be that this technology will not just be limited to smartphones and will transform all industries for a better future. 

Blockchain: the buzzword

A buzzword in 2019, Blockchain’s 2020 version is going to rise above the bad reputation of not being secure. For the new year, this technology aims for smart contract execution with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. 

Industries including food security, real estate, asset management and intellectual property will witness some meaningful use cases of this technology in the coming year. 

Next-Gen AI 

With the new year, Artificial Intelligence is going to be more than just some demanding workload. It aims to be the building block of intelligent cloud hybrid infrastructures. Get yourself prepared as AI is going to get all personal in 2020. 

Moving ahead from suggesting what to buy to what to watch, you are going to see a broader picture of AI. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

With all technological aspects in place, the global economic downturn is going to encourage the adoption of RPA. One of the key benefits of RPA is that it fits well with the existing technologies and has the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. 

This quality will greatly improve productivity as it is not feasible to redesign workflows basis the changing needs. 

Hyper Automation 

A combination of multiple machine learning, Hyper Automation is going to give machines the quality to discover, analyse, design, automate, monitor. It is the next step beyond RPA, further replacing human involvement in digital and physical tasks. 

In simple terms, Hyper-automation is the application of AI and Machine Learning to automate processes in certain ways which are considered more impactful over traditional automation techniques. 

Human Augmentation 

Augmented humans are predicted to be the future of the workforce from 2020. Human Augmentation is said to have the capability of making the world more accessible. 

Augmentation will enhance the performance of human employees by hosting a technology element on their bodies.

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