Do this a day before your entrance exam

Take any entrance exam and you will see that the level of competition in it increases with each passing year. Hard work is just not enough these days; you need to take care of certain other things as well. To assure success in any entrance exam, you need to prepare smartly by adopting the right strategy.

Those who are able to concentrate on preparation and manage the stress simultaneously are the ones that emerge victorious. Here are some pointers that will certainly help on the day before the exam:

1. Revisit Your Notes


Do not pick up any new topic or a new textbook. Instead, revisit your highlighted points or revision notes. Try not to get panicky when you are not able to recall facts during revision; it is important to stay calm. Make sure you finish your revision by afternoon so that you have the rest of the day to relax.

2. A Quick Look at the Important Topics

You can take a peep into the important topics if you want. This will include going through the important facts or figures and the important formulae. Do not use the last day for learning a new topic. By this time, you should know that there is no time left for preparation. Just go through some important topics along with your revision.

3. Refrain From Skipping Your Meals

If you skip a meal a day before the exam, it might negatively impact your health. That makes it a risk you should not be taking at this crucial point of time. Try to eat balanced and light meals a day before the exam.

4. Just Relax!

You need to attend the entrance exam next day with a clear and fresh mind. The last day should be dedicated to regaining any lost energy. Do not study the whole time on the last day as doing so might negatively impact your performance on the main exam day.

5. Meditate

Students are bound to feel exhausted and stressed a day before the exam. Therefore, trying out meditation and some breathing exercises will help in releasing anxiety and promote a positive state of mind. Also, you will get to relax your muscles and nerves a day before the exam. 

6. Sleep Well

So many students do not sleep the night before the exam as they keep on studying all through the night. Inadequate sleep a day before the exam will not help you crack the exam. A word to the wise: many of these exams have tricky questions that you won’t be able to solve in a sleepy state.

To ensure that there’s no chaos on the day of the exam, visit your exam centre a day before the exam to know its location. Doing so will help avoid any delay on the main exam day. Just try to stay positive and determined. It is important to believe in yourself to give your best shot!


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