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7 Key Skills to Ace an Interview

Got goosebumps and thundering heartbeat before a job interview? Make sure anxiety does not ruin your chances with this easy advice. 

Getting an interview call for your dream job is surely a step towards success. However, it is not the end of the road as you are yet to crack that interview. Employers conduct job interviews to understand how a candidate can add value to their organisation. For this purpose, they evaluate candidates on the basis of certain skill sets, mostly soft skills. These are also one of the most important factors that prove your worth to the employer. 

So, if you are preparing for a job interview, take a glance through these super helpful skill sets. Learning these skills will keep you on the path to success while helping you land your dream job. 

Having a global outlook 

Global outlook tops the list of skills that employers are looking for when hiring candidates. It is the ability to work and collaborate with people who are from different cultures and of a different mindset. 

The world is an increasingly interconnected global community. Hence, making it important for candidates to develop the knowledge and skills of working in a global environment. 

Being self-aware

It is crucial to have a clear perception of your personality, personal values, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and thoughts. 

Unless you are aware of these things, you will have difficulty making changes in directing your life and achieving your set goals. 

Sound technical skills

Working with technology is a part of our routine life. This makes it important for candidates to have sound knowledge of the technology used in organisations they are eyeing. 

Technology could range from having basic knowledge of sending e-mails, preparing worksheets, making presentations to specific technology-oriented skills like programming. 

Communicating your thoughts

Communication skills are not confined to chit-chatting. From an employer’s point of view, candidates should be able to clearly present their thoughts either verbally or through e-mails, presentations, proposals and memos. 

It is imperative for a candidate to be able to write succinctly and conversate effectively. A clear, concise and well-formatted CV is the first step towards impressing employers with your effective communication skills. 

Good team player

One of the key skills that employers look for, teamwork is the art of collaborating with a group of people to achieve shared goals. Effective teamwork is when everyone’s unique skills and strengths are utilised in the best possible manner to derive fruitful results. 

Employers generally look for candidates who can work effectively with their peers, supervisors in a cross-functional environment.  

Learning and adapting to new things

Being able to learn new things and adapting to changes is a crucial skill that employers seek. Reason being the dynamic work culture, technology, policies and more.  

Candidates seasoned in this skill will be able to take new tasks head-on, fill in the skill gap and adapt to changes at ease. During a job interview, always show your openness to learn and grow with change.  

Problem-solving & decision making  

Not really rocket science, it is all about finding the root cause of a situation and suggesting the right solution. This includes being logical & creative to generate a possible situation and identify a set of actions. 

The more seasoned you are, the less time you will take to analyze a difficult situation and suggest possible solutions. With this skill, you will be able to add more value to the work environment with great efficiency.

Take the above advice and avoid flubbing your way struggling with stress & anxiety before an interview!

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