5 Truths About University No One Tells You

Ever since the time we are in school, we have so many dreams about finally finishing our schooling and joining a university. With so many expectations about how life may be after school, it is understandable if many students start getting a little nervous about the whole prospect. Of course, it would be impossible to predict what your university experience will be like. We hope this list helps allay some of your fears:

1. Your lecturers are people too

As you start university for the first time, you may feel a bit intimidated by the lecturers of your college. For you to overcome this fear, all you need to do is remember that your faculty are people too. They are not here at the university to intimidate you; in fact, in a while, you will find that they have much more easy-going relationships with their students as compared to school teachers.

2. Everyone is as nervous as you are

All the students in your year are also experiencing new things in life. In the beginning, with the anxiety of having to make new friends, you may feel that other students seem to be more in tune with whatever is happening. However, everyone is in the same boat here and they too are as nervous as you. Use this knowledge, reassure yourself, pluck up the courage, and go say hello.

3. There’s hardly a right or wrong answer

Because of a thought remnant from school days, many students are afraid to speak up in classes because they think they might “say something wrong” or may fail in identifying the “right answer”. But, you will soon realise that in most courses and subjects, there is rarely a straightforward right or wrong answer. University level study is more about deliberation and going through various arguments before arriving at an answer that seems to be a likely solution, rather than being a “right” answer. Therefore, something you might say about the topic under discussion is very likely to be a value-add. This is the perfect time to come out of your shell.

4. You will learn a lot about saving money

Whether you live in a hostel, rental, or at your own home, university life will help you learn a lot about saving your pennies. The numerous student discounts that you will be able to avail at different places are just a part of it. Right after school, when you get into a university, you start enjoying a new kind of freedom and will find many opportunities to go and hang out with your friends and managing all that on your pocket money will soon enough teach you how to look for deals and coupons and how to find the best budget establishments around you.

5. What’s your interest? There’s definitely a university society dedicated to it!

At universities, students have the luxury to follow their passions, not only in terms of academics, but also extra-curricular interests. Most universities have a large number of clubs and societies dedicated to various spheres, like music, art, theatre, gaming, computers, and many more. Also, student societies are a great place to meet new people who share your interests. So, whatever your interest is, there is bound to be a club that you can join to cultivate it.

University is a major milestone in any student’s life. For many, this is the first time they step out of their comfort zones. If you intend to make the most of it, stop being overwhelmed by it!

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